Dr. Abdollah Malek believes the art of cosmetic surgery is in listening to his patients. He builds each treatment plan on a solid foundation of communication between doctor and patient and spends a considerable amount of time getting to know the people he treats — taking their goals into account and offering the best options to meet those goals. At our state-of-the-art Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, you are not just a patient; You are our guest.

  • Abdollah Malek, M.D.
    Abdollah Malek, M.D.
    Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Malek grew up in Tehran, Iran. He lived as an exchange student in Wahpeton, North Dakota before returning to Iran and graduating from Tehran University School of Medicine in 1976.

    Dr. Malek finished his training in general surgery and became board certified as a general surgeon, and completed his training and became a board-certified plastic surgeon thereafter. He subsequently completed a fellowship in head, neck, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas before returning to Wilmington in 1984.

    Since then, Dr. Malek has been in practice for plastic and reconstructive surgery and has changed alongside the innovative and technological growth that is forever changing within this field. A significant amount of patients are great candidates for non-invasive or minimally invasive surgeries, with smaller or no incisions, allowing short recovery times and very natural results. Many plastic surgeons market that they 'specialize' in a specific surgery/area, but Dr. Malek places a strong emphasis on being a variety-skilled surgeon. He performs numerous procedures on multiple parts of the body because he understands that in order to produce natural, harmonious results, one area of the human body always compliments another. This is why being a surgeon specializing in one area, is not always the best solution, and Dr. Malek uses his multi-faceted skills to his advantage by being able to provide more natural, pleasing, and harmonious results.

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